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Digital Advertisement platform are provide Products & Services Directory and Connect Buyers and Sellers through Online Communication.

So , its Increase a Communication between Business to Business And also Business to Customers  to Growth of the your Business.

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Dial Mart offers global business solutions for all categories and Digital Adverstiment Platform

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Our partners provide the best quality products and services

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Our partners demonstrate reasonable prices for the product and service

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Dial Mart provides secure communication between seller and buyer

Features of Dial Mart

1. Firstly ,Group is provided to view WhatsApp Booking and Business meeting.
2. Facebook ad once a week.
3. Instagram promotion once a week.
4. Video and Shorts promotion on Youtube once a week.
5. Your Business or Brand will be listed on Dialmart.
6. And You can actually add Google map, Contact Number, Website etc.
7. And You can add 15 search keywords to be seen by Google
8. So, you can share about your business on APPs like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp and viber.
9. So, you can add up to 5 videos about your business.
10. Finally, the mobile app for this can also be downloaded for free.

This payment is one time only, No renewal charges.

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